SEIU Puts Politics before People

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huffpo_logoA liberal media outlet slams SEIU – hard – for its opposition to the sale of a flailing hospital chain:

The California Nurses Association is holding rallies all week to support the sale and keep the hospitals open. SEIU-United Health Care Workers vehemently opposes it, seemingly more out of concern for its own political power than the communities involved. As a secret tape recording of the UHW union leader’s conference call shows, SEIU-UHW is punishing Prime for not joining a $100 million political action pact it made with other hospitals.

SEIU-UHW has made it clear to state politicians, as part of its vendetta against Prime, that state officials who take contributions from Prime will be persona non grata…

There is  no other real buyer for these Daughter of Charity hospitals and the community desperately needs them.  At each hearing, the case for approval becomes clearer.

SEIU-UHW doesn’t seem to care if the hospitals close. Communities would lose, but victory would mean more power for the union.