Mitigating Expected Loss

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It appears that SEIU is preparing for defeat. Maybe if SEIU spent more time representing members and less time meddling in politics, they wouldn’t have so many disgruntled members, reports the Fresno Bee:

Members of SEIU’s bargaining unit 02 have been trying to decertify union representation for correctional officers in the Fresno County Jail and juvenile justice center, as well as security, child support officers and program technicians, a total of about 840 employees. An election could occur in the spring.

But the union has filed a petition with the Fresno County Civil Service Commission that could narrow decertification voting to Fresno County Jail corrections officers, less than half the bargaining unit. It is the third decertification effort in three years for the bargaining unit’s employees, an effort led by jail corrections officers… If SEIU’s proposal is supported, other employees in the bargaining unit — consisting of other job types — will vote, too, but separate from the jail corrections officers, union officials said. It’s expected to be discussed during next month’s civil service commission meeting.

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