SEIU bashing NYPD

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NYPD_logoOther than the Revolutionary Communist Party no organization has played a larger role in the New York police bashing demonstrations than SEIU. When Mayor Bill de Blasio decided to hold a secret meeting and conspire with the rioters where did they meet? The SEIU headquarters of course.

The December 19th New York Post reports:

Mayor de Blasio held court on Friday with ringleaders of the city protests that have led to cop assaults and other mayhem — lending a sympathetic ear as they ticked off their demands.

Hizzoner had tried to keep the location of his meeting with the members of Justice League NYC a secret, but reporters discovered it was at the Midtown offices of a union connected to the one that employs a man charged with busting an NYPD lieutenant’s nose on the Brooklyn Bridge.

“They have a list of demands, some which I agree with, some which I don’t,” de Blasio said as he left the confab at 1199 SEIU’s headquarters.”

See the full story here:

One of the duties of a union is to work to improve the working conditions of its members. Apparently SEIU 1199 believes that returning New York to the crime ridden hellhole it was in the 1970’s is just the thing. It is doubtful their members would agree.