SEIU Treasurer Secretary: Illegal Immigrants Driving Policy

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Eliseo Medina, International Treasurer/Secretary for Service Employees International Union says illegal immigrant SEIU members pushing immigration reform policyEliseo-Medina- International-Treasurer-Secretary-Service-Employees-International-Union-SEIU

In recent years the SEIU has not been subtle about their position on immigration, even going so far as to spend hundreds of thousands in dues money calling for paths to citizenship for illegal immigrants. However, recent comments by SEIU’s International Treasurer-Secretary put the SEIU’s position far more bluntly.

In an interview with Breitbart News editor Lee Stranahan at a Bakersfield, California rally, Eliseo Medina indicated the SEIU knows they have “several” illegal immigrants working for them- but that’s not their concern. In Medina’s own words:

“…the country needed comprehensive immigration reform because workers who are in the country illegally fear legal consequences of being arrested or deported when they go to work.”

Watch the video:

Medina’s acknowledgement of lawbreakers without any condemnation of their actions shows blatant disregard for the laws of the country. The SEIU seems not only complacent in wanton lawbreaking as a course of action, but also directed by those lawbreakers to push policy change.

It’s not a surprise that Medina acknowledges the illegal immigrant faction of their membership. But as we’ve stated before, there is another factor at play here as well, one far more cynical:

[The SEIU] can more easily recruit dues-paying members. Immigrants can represent an easier target for unions like the SEIU to prey upon, as they know less about the union or appropriate working conditions most employers offer. The SEIU is much more concerned with the opportunities that immigrants can bring to their coffers rather than what happens to their existing union members.

An increase in cheap labor would ordinarily be a death-knell for a union-unless they had a way of recruiting them to the union directly. The SEIU’s efforts to shift policy towards increased immigration legalization make more sense as a cynical ploy to increase membership. This only makes sense, given the context of their other schemes, that again, the SEIU is only out for themselves here.