SEIU Backed Organizing Group Registered “Adolf Hitler” to Vote

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Voter fraud is always a serious issue, and after the SEIU’s well-documented connection to ACORN, you would think they would watch the voter recruitment firms they pay very closely. However, when it comes to SEIU-backed FieldWorks, it looks like voter fraud is happening again:

The listing, “Adolf Hitler, John…666 Heltz…la,” puts his supposed residence in Los Angeles.

It was part of a batch of roughly 200 voter registrations that election officials say were flagged as possibly fraudulent, forged, or duplicated by the group that collected them, FieldWorks, a private Washington, D.C. based firm.

FieldWorks, says it works largely with Democratic candidates, causes and progressive organizations collecting signatures for voter registration or ballot initiatives across the country.

The SEIU has been using the services of FieldWorks, paying them upwards of $46,000 to canvas for voters for Obama in Colorado. FieldWorks received $2.5 million for services to various liberal issue groups between 2008 and 2010 for everything from consulting services to voter contact.

While FieldWorks claims they meant no wrong when it came to the suspicious ballots, it is clear that once again the SEIU is supporting another left wing group that employs the same tactics that ACORN did. The SEIU should step away from this group immediately and renounce FieldWorks’ tactics.

This kind of shenanigan may seem ridiculous given that John Adolf Hitler is clearly a made up name, but voter fraud is no laughing matter. The SEIU needs to distance themselves from this group.